Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have a secret...

Going to write today about something some of ya’ll may deem as a little hokey and maybe a bit too ‘magical’ for some of your tastes.

I remember awhile back I heard of ‘The Secret,’ it was on Oprah and people just loved it (similar to the whole current Twilight phenomenon which I just don’t get…I’m working on it though). It took me awhile to look it up, because for awhile I somehow associated it with Scientology and just didn’t think it was my thing.

Well, probably about a year and a half ago I finally looked it up (a video on YouTube if I remember correctly) and let me just say. Changed my life.

It’s hard to explain, but the way I think about it is that every thought you have has either a positive/neutral/negative vibe to it. The more positive thoughts and actions you have in your life and mind- the more positive things happen to you. This is seriously the dumbed-down version, and I just want ya’ll to watch the video if you have any spare time. I start every morning by repeating to myself as I get ready, “It’s going to be a great day…” over and over and over. And let me tell you- it helps. You wouldn’t believe how much those positive thoughts help make everyday so much better.

My roomie and I were having a seriously HARD time a few months ago, and at about 3 in the morning one night we just got into it- probably the worst fight/argument I’ve ever had with a friend. She was just really having a hard time (we had both just moved to a whole new city and had no friends and she didn’t even have a job yet) and I told her she just had to read the book and watch the videos. I will tell you she is a totally different person today. Much more positive- and much more positive things have been occurring in her life.

Ok now I’ll stop being so crazy. BUT REALLY. Read it :)



  1. I've been thinking about reading it. But after your review, It's on my To Do list to buy before my flight this weekend :) Thanks!

  2. I completely agree with you. Even if you take nothing from it except for the realization that your attitude and thoughts dictate your state of mind. I'm glad to see you and your roommate got so much out of it!!

    Btw, I'm a new follower, LOVE the blog!