Monday, November 23, 2009

when it comes to registering...

I will admit when I first started planning my wedding, the idea of registering kind of made me feel uneasy. You pick your own gifts? Isn’t that a bit presumptuous?

I know that it is a very common trend and it actually helps a lot of your wedding guests, but it still makes me feel weird. It wasn’t until D and I were out yesterday (coincidentally right after we had registered at Bed Bath & Beyond) and his sister called to ask if we needed a cappuccino maker. We are having a small family shower his grandparents have generously offered next week and she was shopping for a gift. Now. I love cappuccinos just as much as the next coffee junkie- but by no means do I need a capuchinno maker in my home (I actually registered for the Tassimo HOW COOL is that thing). Thus, the whole gift registry made complete sense to me yesterday as D proudly announced she could go online and view our registry. I now view it as a tool for guests to use if they chose to do so. It may have felt awkward for my to scan my own gifts, but it will help people that don’t have a clue what would be useful for D and myself.

We have currently registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond as well as Crate & Barrel- love both of those stores and the lady at BB&B said guests love to shop for wedding gifts at their store because of the coupons that seem to be floating everywhere.

Registering was fun but definitely took FOREVER. By the end of the day we were both done for, and we didn’t even register for half of what they suggested us to. We didn’t register for china (which would have been fun) because D’s parents have started our collection of china from his alma mater and the set is BEAUTIFUL. I think that would have taken even more time so I was thankful we didn’t even have to venture into that department!



  1. I can't wait to register! I agree that I think it would feel weird, but it's such a common practice. And for instance with us, we both have our own homes, so I'm sure people think we have everything. But there are things we still want or need. And it will help them find something. :)

  2. We're registered for a little bit in case people want to get us engagement gifts for our engagement party or whatnot, but as the time gets closer to the wedding it will be fun going to register. :) So nice you already have china!