Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jack Rogers

These really are the summer sandals that go with EVERYTHING.

When I first moved from Colorado to Maryland in July, I noticed that these sandals were seriously everywhere. I'd never seen them in CO (well maybe a handful of times, but never enough to make me notice them) so they must be an east/west coast thing. Jack Rogers/Stephen Bonanno sandals are like Uggs on a college campus in CO. And I've been biten by the trend, I think they're adorable. I especially like the metallic ones- they really go with everything in your wardrobe (welp, almost).
I know this is one of those trends thats been around for years and I just somehow missed it. Kind of like when I went to college and suddenly all girls were wearing Seven for All Mankind, using only CHI straightners and had those damn Tiffany charm bracelets. But you know what, better late than never.

I mean honestly I need these- I am moving to Hawaii so this purchase is completely justified!

I'm thinking of getting the metallic Jack Rogers Navajo sandals:

Happy Sunday! I'm getting out of bed (eventually) and running errands/cleaning around the house. Definitely watching the Pacific ronight on HBO- if you haven't seen the first two episodes make sure to tune in tonight, its really a well done series (even if you don't like war documentaries, this is a little less gory than Band of Brothers or so D tells me).



  1. LOVE Jack's but they give me a round blister on the bottom of my foot every single DANG time! Those are cute. I wear the "platinum" pair with everything during the summer. Love the sliver!

    (PS- I emailed your invitation designer! I think I'm going to use her too. I'm such a copycat!)

  2. I know this sounds weird, but i've never heard of those! I live in Florida too.. you would think! :) Very cute!