Thursday, March 11, 2010

back to texas and hair news!

Last night was class 1/80. And not to be a wimp or anything, I think I’m going to change from 80 to 70. Just because of the various trips coming up and umm hello I am planning a wedding. 70 is still a pretty lofty goal so we will see!

D and I are going to Texas tomorrow :) It is his spring break and I am taking a few days off too. I am going for a hair trial on Saturday so I’m hoping that turns out great! Originally, my heart was set on wearing my hair down, but now that I really think about it I’m opting to wear it up. I have really think fine hair that just doesn’t hold style very long. My mom says it will look weird because I always wear my hair down but I think it will be a nice change. Plus I hate how my hair looks when its half curls and messy.

In more hair news- I am finally going to get these foul roots taken care of tonight! I am going to get some low lights put in, the blonde in my hair is starting to look fakey again (aka too blonde for my skin tone).

{this may work for mary kate olsen…because she is mary kate olsen. but not for me!}

I’m going to take the 6am class again tomorrow. I know it’s crazy but it’s just so nice taking it early and getting it out of the way. Also a great way to start the day!

Happy Weekend everyone! Be back Wednesday!



  1. Wedding hair trials - what fun! Have a fabulous trip to Texas!

  2. Have a blast! Wedding hair trials were so fun! Just make sure to take LOTS of pictures. My hair turned out differently on my day and I actually like the trial better (was for my bridal portraits!).

  3. Have so much fun! I love wedding hair styles! Make sure to take pictures to share with us.... have a great weekend!

  4. ahh i want to see pictures!! i am so glad, i hadn't been on blogger in like 4 days and i was so worried i had missed like 80 of your posts, but i am glad to see i had only missed one (although sad, as i LOVE reading your posts)! haha i happened to find one like six posts ago that i didn't comment on and posted on it cause i was thinking i'd start from the bottom up and start reading them? and then i realized i had read all of the other ones!! also, you are WAY prettier then MKO. i do NOT like them now, they are so grungy! they were SO much better and cuter when they were young!

  5. I hope Texas rocked for you. I was in San Antonio last month and had a blast!