Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my love for Bikram

A little self challenge…

So I’ve been taking these Bikram classes fairly regularly- 3-6 times a week.

I’ve decided I’m going to challenge myself and complete 80 classes before our wedding (which is in 86 days). Rules of the game are: I can do doubles to make up for days when I’m behind and I have to have them completed by Friday, June 4th. Ever the crafty one, I’m going to put together some type of board to track my progress.

Crazy? Maybe. Considering I’m going on two trips before then and already have to talk myself into going some days.

Not to get all granola on ya’ll (I mean I AM from Colorado…) but this Bikram has really been amazing for me. My body is looking more toned and I have experienced endorphins for the first time in YEARS (this happened just last week and I seriously freaked out!). If any of you are even remotely interested/intrigued by this yoga you need to give it a chance- meaning go to MORE THAN ONE CLASS. First time bikram classes are a true challenge just to stay in the room. But I guarantee you its addicting- as my yoga teachers like to say ‘it’s the yoga high that keeps you coming back.’

I guess it helps that my one true dream is to be a yoga mom. Ha! Best part? Not even kidding...



  1. You go girl! So impressive and a challenging goal, but you can do it. (And it will be sooo worth it when you have the perfect bridal body!)

  2. Oooh I love bikram yoga and am also from Colorado! I tried the 30 day challenge a while back and didn't quite make it... but with a wedding coming up you have a reason to want to look and feel fabulous!

  3. I've never tried yoga. Maybe I'll be brave enough to try it one day. Good luck on your challenge to yourself! You can do it!

  4. hi my love!!! omg i have MISSED you and your posts! i have been such a spaz blogger recently (and i still owe your cute friend a facebook message back i think, i'm horrible about that) but yay that you have posts for me to catch up on...although honestly, you're never going to get me to do bikram...i like to look at cute boys when i work out, not sweat like a crazy person :D