Thursday, March 4, 2010

weird weird eating habits

My eating habits are REALLY weird. All of the roomies I’ve ever lived with agree I’m the strangest eater in the world.

I get hooked onto certain foods and eat them for EVERY meal. I wouldn’t say I’m a picky eater…just a discriminating one. Among the foods I’ve been hooked on:

-Lean Pockets- the chicken quesadilla kind ONLY
-Cottage Cheese (with everything- mixing it with eggs and dipping tortilla chips in it….errmm should I be embarrassed?)
-Egg white omelets
-Peanut butter & banana sandwiches
-Chicken & rice (during my WW days)
-Fudge pops

And the list goes on and on.

Well currently this is what my diet consists of:

-Fat free yogurt with 1 tbsp flax seed EVERY morning
-Apples & bananas
-Spinach salads with mango and slices of red peppers
-Quniona mixed with a tiny bit of coconut oil
-Veggie burgers
-Smart Ones
-Tea & Emergen-C
-Frozen yogurt from this ‘sketch’ place in the mall but I swear it is like crack

I’m not kidding when I say I eat the above foods 5 out of 7 days of the week (of course I have the snacks and sweets in between that offset these healthy selections- and my drinking on the weekend more than makes up for the healthiness). I like them because they’re quick and easy. I LOVE learning to cook and looking up yummy new recipes, but at the end of the day I’m far too tired to spend an hour in the kitchen when I’m hungry NOW. Also, cooking for one (sometimes two when I know Katie will be home) just isn’t easy. I’m really looking forward to living with D and cooking for two and actually having someone else to cook for to hold me accountable (our marriage won’t be lasting long if I feed the poor boy Smart Ones every evening).

Anybody else have really weird eating habits? Or am I the lone ranger?



  1. I have weird eating habits too. I like everything plain and usually eat the same stuff like you do. I also tend to eat cereal a lot for dinner when I'm not making dinner for two. It's a bad habit I need to get out of :) I am looking forward to having a normal dinner schedule together when we get married.

  2. i don't really think your eating habits are all that weird .. i know about 8 people who eat tortilla chips with cottage cheese.

  3. The cottage cheese thing made me laugh! I used to be OBSESSED with cottage cheese too! Look how healthy you are! Ok, so talk to me about quinoa. I really want to try it but I'm scurred! I also eat bananas daily and veggie burgers like they are going out of style! Don't judge me, but burger king's veggie burger is pretty decent. (You're totally judging right now.) :) I'd say very healthy but not so weird...(kay maybe except for the cottage cheese with egg thing.)

  4. I'm the same way! I get hooked into something and can't stop. At least you're into healthy things!

  5. ughhh cottage cheese creeps me out!!! and i know, i know, but he was right about my core, it did need tightening!!
    i totally have weird eating habits too - my weirdest one is licking all the flavoring off of doritos (cause that's why you're eating them anyway, right?) i did that at a party once and was putting them in a pile next to me on a napkin, and one of my girlfriends came up, sat down and started eating them, and then was like "ugh, these chips are stale!" did i tell her? obvi not...i was just like "i know, right?"