Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Top Two

1. Sephora. I'm a beauty junkie and I could wander around Sephora for HOURS and HOURS. Honestly, when I go to Sephora I make sure to clear my schedule because I know once I get in my sense of time just disapears. I love Sephora because of the great customer service, selection, and products they carry. My favorites: Nars, Yves Saint Laurent, Philosophy, and Laura Mercier.

2. Anthropologie. I must admit I don't even own many things from Anthro, but I just LOVE everything they carry. Especsially now that I'm shopping for a house- everything they have is just so original and gorgeous. Plus- they always have the BEST window displays :)

A new honorable mention goes to Lululemon. I just discovered this store this past weekend and I'm so mad its taken me this long to find it! Sweats that I can wear out into public AND give me shape?! YES please! I purchased a pair of booty shorts for my Bikram class there and I just love them. Nevermind that they resemble underwear- they're comfortable and (semi) flattering.

Love love love.



  1. I love sephora and anthro! I've not heard of the third store!

  2. Love lululemon! They started in Vancouver about 2003 and are growing super fast!

  3. Terrific top two's! (Too many t's? Sorry.) Love them both, and I was introduced to Lululemon a couple of years ago by a Canadian friend - great find!

  4. I left you a little something over at my blog (:

  5. i have heard such good things about lululemon...i seriously have SO many sweat pants though, and since i've finally given in to buying juicy, i don't know if i can add another 'designer' sweats brand to my closet, you know? and i NEVER work out in pants (i don't know how anyone does, my legs get SO hot!)...do you prooooomise that they're worth it??
    also it is very cool that when i get to your blog, i'm "APO, Armed Forces"...hahah i feel so military!!
    and agreed about anthro window displays and things, except that honestly i'm more of a bright colors then muted colors girl...it's okay, you can visit me when you need some bright and i will visit you when i need some calm!!
    i am so sorry i haven't commented in so long, i totally missed your posts!!! xoxoxo!!