Monday, March 29, 2010

hotel, motel, holiday inn

Another rant.

I really hate poor customer service/communication. It really just irks me. In the past, I'm not even the type of person that would have complained about bad customer service. Its a fact of life (although shouldn't be).

I’ve had the WORST time blocking hotels in Dallas for the wedding. Nobody will call me back. And once they do call me back, they transfer me to another department because 'they can't do that in their position.' It’s almost like they don’t want my business. Which is fine by me- I’ll go somewhere else. But I’m running out of hotels to go to! At this point, if they return my phone call, they’ll get my business!

Oh, and here is a great story for you:

So during my wedding weekend there is a big race in the DFW area, thus the hotels are already slim picking. One of the hotels that was open was the Holiday Inn Grapevine, TX. After discussing the number of rooms I needed all was great- she gave me the quote per room saying it was at a discount and that was that.

Turns out it wasn’t at a discount. Actually its $30 MORE than people can book the rooms at on the website.

Are you kidding me?

After this experience I will NEVER stay at a Holiday Inn again. Seriously. That’s ridiculous and poor business. Basically, when my guests refer to my wedding block- they get charged for doing so.

The other hotel I’m dealing with has ceased all communication with me. I know people get busy yada yada, but I am a customer just trying to get a call back! AND I've been a secretary before- I know its hard work and people get crazy on the phone, but thats never an excuse for an attitude.

End rant.



  1. Urgh sounds sooo frustrating, I hope it all works out for you!

  2. So annoying! Dealing with hotels can definitely make you crazy. Good luck with it all! It will get sorted out in the end. Just hang in there

  3. just read your comment on someone elses blog! I'm near Annapolis-saw that you liked Navy Football on your bio-you've got good taste in football teams :) Can't wait to read more of your blog!