Wednesday, March 31, 2010

martha, martha, martha!

Its about that time in my wedding planning- I have flowers on my mind.
I already know I want all white flowers- and I'm thinking of roses, hydrangeas, tulips & peonies.
I'm loving these which I found on our dear friend Martha's website:

Okay so no the wreath isn't floral...but its white and SO pretty.



  1. Oohhh I love that second picture! I have a feeling flowers are going to be my least favourite part of the vow renewal planning process but I am hoping as we are getting married on a beach that I wont have to have ridiculous amounts of them. White will be soooo pretty though I cant wait to see what you choose : )

  2. Martha can do no wrong when it comes to weddings! She has ideas gallore! Please keep the pics coming, can't wait to see what your planning!!

  3. Love it all! :) Very classic and pretty!

  4. SO pretty!! Flowers were one of my favorite parts of wedding planning!


  5. Love the second picture as well!

  6. So pretty!!! We just met with our florist again last weekend - so much fun!