Monday, March 22, 2010

Oopsie daisy! I'm back I'm back!


I apologize for my serious lapse in posting!!!!!

D and I had an amazing time in Texas- our 5 day spring break passed too quickly! We got to spend a lot of time with D’s sister- who is so cute pregnant its crazy. We hadn’t seen her baby bump until this visit- so to actually see her belly/feel Linnea kick/hear her heart beat was very very cool :) Also- his sister doesn’t think the June 13th due date is right, she thinks she will come early so that is exciting! On her 4-D ultra sound we saw a June 3 due date, which would be such a blessing because it’s the day before our wedding! All very exciting and we can’t wait to meet this baby girl.

We ended up deciding that the best option for our rehearsal dinner would be to have it in D’s backyard. We have a rather large group to invite (around 60 people…eek!) and this will be one of the first times our families are meeting and mingling. Thus, we’re going to have big white tents set up in his back yard, cater food, and have a keg. I think that for such a big group this will be a much more relaxing environment.

I’m going to have our amazing stationary designer, Anita design our rehearsal dinner invitations. I’m thinking something like this:

I knew I wanted something western looking and fun- I think this works great and am so excited to work more with her.

Again sorry for the lapse in postings! I promise I’m back and in the blogging world again!



  1. So glad you had a wonderful vacation, and a baby on the way in the family? SO exciting! I was at a baby shower for a college friend yesterday, and she was so cute with her baby-belly! Welcome back to blogland dear!

  2. Welcome back! Sounds like you had so much fun : )

  3. Sound like such fun! I LOVE the invitation example- It's SO cute! I'm finally starting to look at wedding invitations... Scary!