Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tuesday top two...baby names!

Nope nope we're definitely not pregnant. 3 months away from the wedding that idea actually terrifies me!

1. Jack. I don't know why but I've ALWAYS been in love with this name. Very classy and strong. It would be pretty funny if we chose the name Jack Daniel (after D of course) that would asking for trouble!

2. I love two girls names- Olivia & Daisy. Olivia is just a classy name (see a trend here? I really don't like trendy names or names that are misspelled in order to be 'unique'. And Daisy is just really really cute.

Happy Tuesday!!



  1. I love Jack and Olivia is fab but unfortunately it is my cousin's name and has therefore been taken out of the running for baby name!

  2. Such adorable names! Jack and Olivia are two of my favs too (when we would often play the baby name game in college - jumping the gun perhaps?) :)

  3. haha you know that i love jack / jackson! and olivia is so pretty (especially because now i'm a big fan of olivia palermo from The City on MTV...bahaha did i just make it trendy for you and now you don't like it anymore? my work here is done)