Tuesday, March 23, 2010

you're annoying. get off facebook.

Today: something that REALLY ruffles my feathers. Start rant.

People that post political messages on their facebook statuses. Namely- people that have NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT. Even more- statuses that even if they do know what they’re talking about- are so rude and offensive I get mad reading them.

Recently, the health care reform has kept me off facebook because I just can’t STAND these status updates. I get embarrassed for these people.

A few examples {please don’t judge me by the people on my friends list!}:

“….Is so increadibly pissed off that my damn taxes will go up to pay for peoples healthcare that are too damn lazy to work and on welfare because they dont know how to pay for their own things. you dont work? you dont get care. man oh man im so pissed off right now. I will be damn if my tax dollars pay for people's abortions. Please get me out of this country.”

You’re rude. Funny how most of your other statuses are bible verses on kindness. Weird how that works.

“…Our grand president is without a doubt the dumbest asshole ive ever seen.”

Why would you post this? I feel like hitting the de-friend button just so I never have read any of your thoughts ever again.

“Just found out that the health care bill passed... Now living in a nightmare called the US of A!”
I do have a few clever friends though:

“…hey guess what? i don't CARE what your opinion is on the health care bill. that's right I DONT CARE. so as informative and clever you may think your status' updates are - you're the only one thinking so”

“…doesn't care what you think about the health care bill... fb is not the place for politics or Jesus.”

AGREED. Especially when you mispronounce Joe Biden’s name when we talk in person.

Ok. I’m done. Rant end. Happy Tuesday :)



  1. I am in the same boat with you. I think our "friends" must talk because I am so sick of seeing people's statuses. And what gets me even more upset is when others comment and it turns into a huge debacle. I don't need this kind of drama on facebook...I'm just trying to see what you'll be eating for dinner tonight or who you think is going to win Dancing With The Stars:)

  2. hahaha love this post! i totally agree.

  3. Oh my... I have been thinking the same thing. I have a facebook friend that I went to high school with who is a really nice girl, but we are on complete different ends of the political spectrum... yet I only know this through HER status updates! Ridiculous!

  4. OMG CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!!!! i feel this way EXACTLY!!! i cant stand it anymore!!!! and i agree with marian!!! ahhh facebook is for friends and keeping in touch, not ranting and raving about politics!! blah! lol =)

  5. AGREED!!! Amen sister! My family falls into the moronic fool category that posts both jesus and Obama hatred message. I wish I could unfriend/disown them. And clearly everything they put is FACTUALLY incorrect... but then again these are people who don't believe global warming is real. (PS- also, I love the people complaining about their taxes going up and they are like 25... It's like "Oh, I'm sorry- Since when do you make $250k a year?"

  6. Oh yeah, hell no- I delete those people.

  7. ahahahha i don't even KNOW about politics enough to be offended...i do think it's funny that everyone will now be stuck with military-style healthcare (aka government run). it's NOT a good thing, believe me. free crappy healthcare is still crappy.

  8. oh and i forgottttt i gave you an award on my newest blog post :D

  9. so true! fb friends have been ranting about healthcare.... good, bad and U-G-L-Y! i'd much rather blog than update my status...

  10. A lot of hate all around. From both sides of this. Sad to see. Go hokies!

  11. I agree! I just like watching people FB fight over it! Like what they say on there can make a huge difference.....